Always Seeking

Disappointed in results from:

 - Phone calls?

 - Meetings?

 - Not converting leads?

Aardvark1 Sales Training is an agency promoting Sandler Sales Training Franchisee Rooney Earl & Partners. Sandler's global network of more than 250 local offices in over 25 countries means they can train locally or regionally almost anywhere in the world. Sandler training methodologies have been repeatedly proven through delivery to thousands of clients across the globe.

Frustrated with prospects not taking calls


Unhappy when great meetings don't turn into great results


Tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel for leads


Disappointed that growth is slow

Rooney Earl & Partners - Testamonials


Using the Sandler Principles really drew out the information needed from my prospect …his overall engagement and sincerity to the discussion was incredible. Again – I can’t express any more – how much of a “feel good” appointment this was.

Jeff Arun
Sales Manager, Abl Employment– a Profit Magazine Top 100 Company


I enrolled in a program with Sandler Training when my business was in trouble. It changed the way I do business with prospects and clients. I recovered my initial investment after only two prospect interviews, the more I tried the better I got and the more business I wrote. I strongly believe this program has helped me significantly; it has almost doubled my business in the last 12 months.

Frank May

Division Director, Investors Group